There is nothing more exciting and interesting than working for yourself. No work pressure from the boss and no strict deadlines. You can work as you wish to work and that’s what makes blogging one of the most amazing ways of making money. Many people consider it as a dream and today you are going to reveal, how to make a living as a full-time craft blogger.

There are various impressive ways of making money through a blog, but here we are specifically focusing on how a craft blogger can make the most out of it.

Why would you like to be a craft blogger?

Being a blogger does not mean you will sell products for a brand or you will have to work closely with a firm to endorse its services, products, and qualities. You can choose the niche and start blogging. Of course, you can take it as a part time job, but soon it will become your main earning source if you pay attention to a few important things.

Being a crafter is good for you because you get a number of ways to make money through your content. You will have to be a bit strategic about it. An important thing you must remember is never selling your services. You should work as an independent craft blogger and thus you can get some great opportunities of making money online.

You can be an affiliate marketer and endorse some great service providers. You can also go for contextual advertising, sell ads, eBooks, and other digital products to earn good money. The business organizations and digital marketers also ask the bloggers to publish their guest posts. They want you to publish their posts related to the blog’s niche and they pay a considerable amount for your support. All in all, there are multiple ways of making money as a craft blogger and you can try all of them to make a living. The readers will consider you a crafter and an expert and they will rely upon your opinions for many DIY stuffs. You can present yourself in many different ways to earn the trust of the readers. Some of those ways are endorsed below:

Be a crafting guru:

You can wish to have a great future as a craft blogger. All you have to do is advising new crafters regarding what to do and how to do. The online workshops can also generate a great online response for you. Some renowned brands also hire craft gurus for their in-house workshops. You can assist newbie crafters and gain benefits from their need of learning new things. You can use different online platforms to host the workshops and gain some knowledge seekers from those platforms. People will visit your blog as they will start knowing you. That would be quite beneficial for your online business because more ad agencies will sponsor your content and you will gain a huge profit.

Be a craft blogging consultant:

There are millions of websites across the internet. A large number of websites provide crafting instruments, materials, and products. You can reach those websites and offer your services as a blogging consultant. Yes, you will be an adviser who will help those sites in maintaining their blogs for a better profit. You can provide your support to increase their online support on multiple social media platforms. You can assist them in managing their content and boosting their sales by promoting their products on blogs. Many online businesses need experienced blogging consultants, especially to sell their crafting materials and products. You can meet their demands and earn good money.

To present yourself as a reliable craft blogger, first you should have a few impressive blogs in your portfolio. Spend some time on crafts magazines, create some pages on those magazines and endorse your crafting ideas. Of course, you will gain some readers who will improve your value as a craft blogging consultant. Your portfolio will seem more genuine and impressive. Any business would like to hire your support and it will allow you to manage its blog’s content. You can reach some more service providers, if you successfully maintain your first client’s blog.

Be a guide:

A guide is someone who helps readers in crafting things effectively. It is great if you are already working as a coach and helping trainees to learn how to craft and produce new artistic stuff. You will be training your clients online and they would pay you, if they find your support helpful. It would be great if you can provide a few important courses in which your trainees can learn all the necessary skills of crafting things. It can be anything like some DIY home decorative stuff or DIY cloth designs, etc. You can produce some “How to” articles and publish those articles on your blog to gain the attention of readers and prove your teaching skills.

How to start?

Blogging can be pretty simple, if you pay attention to a few important things. First of all you will have to choose a niche. What you are going to present through your blog? Will you provide some DIY ideas, home décor ideas, designing or crafting something else? Select a perfect niche for your blog and then select the domain name. Now you will have to book your domain address on a web hosting service. Find an affordable web hosting service to start your blog. You can directly create a blog on the world’s leading blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, etc. Just create your blog and start sharing your thoughts. That’s how you can start and later improve the appearance of your blog to attract more readers.

You will step into a new world as you decide to be a craft blogger. Of course, you will have to work with full dedication. You will have to choose topics that can actually help the readers in crafting something impressive. Of course, the quality of your content will matter a lot and therefore try to publish genuine and impressive content with relevant pictures.


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