A very large number of crafters have found Etsy as a reliable platform for selling their handmade products. It is a site where you can start selling handcrafted goods and gain a reputation as a talented artist. Etsy is the first choice of many artists and crafters because setting up a shop is quite easy on this site. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge. Just create an account on Etsy and start selling your goods.

You get a quick access to a large number of customers who frequently search for impressive handcrafted goods. Of course, you can start selling your services through your own website, once you get popular on Etsy for your handcrafted items.

Why Etsy is so luring for the craftsman and the artists?

Many things turn Etsy into an ideal platform for talented craftsman and artists. You don’t need to search for the target audience. Every buyer visits this platform only for buying handcrafted items. People do not look for standardized customer goods here and that’s what makes your chances of finding quality customers very high. People buy unique artisanal on this platform and that’s why many talented artists start selling their products very quickly here.

It used to be difficult to find a talented craftsman who can create customized products according to the demands of the customers. Etsy made it possible for every buyer to express his needs and ask the craftsman to create his personalized version of the products. Your target audience may contact you for placing orders for some custom-made goods and thus you can build a strong bond with the clients. You can also ask them to deal with you through your own website. Thus, soon you will get a huge number of users for your own website and online business.

Etsy is renowned for the support it provides for all types’ artists in establishing their online business. Hundreds or thousands of craftsmen and artists use this site actively to sell their handmade goods. Therefore, it can be a bit tough for you to find clients for selling your products. Yes, it is possible to become the best seller artist on Etsy. You will have to follow a few very important tips to be the best seller craftsman on this platform. Those tips are as follows.

Do good research before opening your shop:

Many people start a shop on Etsy and expect to get a large number of customers within a few days. That does not happen and you need to be patience. In addition, you should never start a shop for selling handcrafted goods without doing some good research. You should spend some time in learning how to use Etsy and how to endorse goods to get a better response from the buyers. You would hardly spend one or two days in learning the ins and outs of Etsy. Whatever knowledge you will get from how-to’s, Etsy’s policies, and guidance from other sellers, will help you in running a successful business on Etsy.

Use only high-quality photos of your products:

Are you publishing fuzzy and grainy photos of your products? This can be the main reason behind the poor performance of your business on Etsy. You must learn how to do product photography to capture a few drool-worthy photographs of your handcrafted goods. The light should be perfect and the photo must endorse key attributes of your goods. Most of the artists fail to lure buyers only because of poor-quality photos of their products. You should not be one of those sellers and click some impressive images of the goods to draw the attention of all the buyers on Etsy.

Select the title wisely:

Does the title matter? Of course, it matters and you should present all your goods with a memorable title to lure more buyers. The first five words of your products’ titles will show up in the HTML address of your goods. If you choose a lengthy or boring title for your goods, the chances are high that buyers will straight ignore it. Think the title carefully and keep it short so that the buyers can get what you are selling. Choose the most descriptive words for your products’ titles and then endorse those products on Etsy. You will get a better response from the buyers for sure.

Build your brand:

Etsy offers you a great opportunity of selling handmade goods. You should use this opportunity to build your own brand. Your brand will be all about you do and produce through your crafting skills. It will reflect your talent and it will provide you with a unique identity on Etsy. Many sellers at Etsy had started as individual craftsmen and today they have established their unique brands to sell goods online. In fact, many of them are selling their products through some other renowned retail platforms and earning huge money on a daily basis.

Effectively describe your products:

Do not be one of those sellers who publish only one line description to describe their goods. People want to reveal more information on those goods, which they find impressive. Short or poor description reduces the chances of converting visitors into the customers. You should not let it be with your business. Think the description wisely and choose all the words carefully to describe the qualities of your handcrafted goods. It is also important to know that the description should not be too long. Focus on the key attributes of your item and present them in a few lines. It is how you can prepare an impactful description for your products.

Do good research and then choose the keywords:

The keywords are special phrases which you can use to get your goods found. Most of the sellers do not consider keywords important and therefore select wrong phrases to endorse their products. It causes a huge damage to a business on Etsy. Whatever products you craft and sell on this platform, present those products with relevant keywords. These keywords and tags help you in bringing your items at the top in the search results. People find your products and then explore more about your products. That’s how smartly chosen keywords increase the chances of sales on Etsy.

Let the SEO bring you up in the Etsy search results:

SEO or search engine optimization is a great technique, applied to increase the organic rankings of the websites in the search results. This technique can also help you in increasing your presence on Etsy search results, if you hire someone specialist in this job. Improving the ranks of the handcrafted goods in Etsy search results is a bit simpler than increasing the rankings of the website. You can hire any reliable SEO expert for this job and let him improve your chances of success on this platform.

Use the social networking platforms to increase your sales on Etsy:

The social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest were invented to connect people. Today these platforms have gained a huge number of users. These platforms now become the best places to promote products and services, and increase the sales. You can find many customers for your Etsy shop on social networking platforms. All you have to do is connect your shop to your social networking site account or the page and then start promoting your goods. First, your friends will take interest in your crafts and then many other new people will take interest in your handcrafted goods. That’s how social networking sites can offer you with many new customers.

Learn from other sellers in your niche:

It is good to know how other sellers in your niche are performing well and selling more goods than you. You should only learn and never copy what they do. Some sellers will inspire you for keeping patience and growing with the right opportunities. Many sellers will offer you tricks to gain the attention of the buyers and that’s how you will become a smart seller like other successful sellers.

Choose the most memorable packing to deliver the goods:

You will certainly receive orders from the buyers if you are selling handcrafted goods on Etsy. The first order will boost your confidence and provide you an opportunity of creating a never ending bond with the customer. You should pack the ordered item in a way that it would look attractive, memorable, and perfect. The customer will know that you care about his or her needs and then that customer will recommend your services to many other buyers. That’s how you can reach more customers by using high-quality packing.

Offer the best customer service:

When it comes to gaining more customers for an Etsy shop, top quality customer service can do wonders for your business. Always keep some freebies and other useful stuff with the ordered products to impress the customers. Resolve all their queries and provide well-customized products to impress the customer. It will work in the favor of your business and provide you with more sales in the future.


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